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Woman Regrets Marrying Her Husband After He Sacrificed Their Daughter For Money Rituals



On June 9, 2024, a Twitter user and news reporter, @PSAFLIVE, shared a video detailing the troubling story of a South African woman named Linda, who regrets her marriage to an illegal Nigerian ritualist.

Linda, who has been unlawfully married to a Nigerian man referred to in the video as “flathead Jollof,” has endured a harrowing experience over the past seven years. She was unaware that her husband was a ritualist who had used her to obtain South African citizenship.

The situation took a devastating turn in 2023 when Linda lost her child. According to the video, she discovered that her child had been used by her husband for ritual purposes to gain money and live a lavish lifestyle.

Throughout their marriage, Linda’s husband has been acquiring expensive cars and properties while evading taxes. This extravagant lifestyle was funded by the sinister activities he was involved in, unbeknownst to Linda. She has been exploited and treated as a “baby-making machine” to sustain his business and his insatiable desire for wealth. Linda has suffered numerous miscarriages, which she now believes were part of her husband’s ritualistic practices.

Realizing the full extent of the deception and abuse, Linda is now seeking help to escape her marriage. She has filed for a divorce and sought a protection order after her husband threatened her. Her story has sparked outrage and concern among viewers and social media users who have expressed their support and empathy for her plight.

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Linda’s experience highlights the dangers and complexities of being in a relationship with someone involved in illegal and harmful practices. It also underscores the importance of awareness and vigilance in personal relationships. Her case has drawn attention to the need for stronger protections and support systems for individuals who find themselves in similar situations.

As Linda navigates the legal and emotional challenges of her situation, she hopes to find justice and regain control of her life. Her story serves as a cautionary tale and a call to action for communities to support those who may be suffering in silence.

The public’s response to Linda’s story has been overwhelmingly supportive, with many urging authorities to take swift action against her husband and others involved in similar activities. The case has also prompted discussions about the broader issues of exploitation and abuse within marriages and the need for comprehensive legal and social interventions.

As this story continues to unfold, it is crucial for authorities to investigate and address the allegations thoroughly. Linda’s bravery in coming forward is a critical step in seeking justice and preventing further harm. The community’s support and vigilance will be essential in ensuring that such tragic situations are addressed and prevented in the future.

Linda’s situation is a stark reminder of the hidden dangers that can exist within personal relationships and the importance of seeking help and speaking out against abuse and exploitation.

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