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Newlywed wife uncovers scary objects under husband’s pillow, raises alarm



A newlywed wife has cried out for advice online after discovering scary sharp tools under her husband’s pillow..

The unidentified lady took to a platform to share her troubles in a bid to get opinions from internet folks on how best to tackle her situation.

She revealed that she and her husband had only recently married but she discovered something unexplainable.

According to her, she found that her husband always sleeps with a machete and knife under his pillow.

She expressed fear about questioning her husband about his reason for this.

She wrote …

“Hello Abeni just got married recently. We relocated from Abeokuta to Lagos. I noticed my husband sleeps with machete and knife under his pillow. One spirit told me to ask him but I’m scared.”.

Check out reactions below …
Foto nugget said: “Funny but I sleep with cutlass under my bed too. Sometimes you just can’t let mistakes of the past happen again.”

Duchess said: “That spirit wey dey try lead you astray get mind o. In as much as you fear is valid, I think you Man has heard too much about Lagos & some Lagosians that he became paranoid and is trying so hard to play if safe. You can’t blame Oga protector nao!”

Gbasaram said: “That wasn’t his first time in Lagos. Once bitten, Cutlass shine. Abi how dem take talk am.”

Bola Tito said: “Trust me, it might be for security purpose. Incase rubbers or men of the underworld attack your house in the middle of the night. Ask since you’re curious but I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about.”

Jason Vohris added: “I remember back then in boarding school. Something happened one night to one of our mates and Omooo since that night until we all left that school everyone slept with either a cutlass or a stick under their beds/bunks.”

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