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Photos of little boy in university matriculation gown causes buzz online



A captivating photo capturing a little boy dressed in a matriculation gown on the occasion of a university’s matriculation day has sparked a wave of mixed reactions online.

Shared on Facebook, the photo quickly became viral, prompting a flurry of opinions regarding the boy’s age and readiness for university education.

In the photo, the little boy, whose identity remains undisclosed, is seen wearing the typical university matriculation gown.

The controversial photo has become a focal point for discussions online, with commentators expressing a wide range of views.

Some are amazed by the little boy’s eagerness to begin university education at such a young age, while others questions the wisdom of enrolling a child in an institution typically meant for adults.

Netizens Reactions…
Gloria Joky Scott U said; “Some parents who do not believe that maturity is a major factor in education will end up regretting it. Allow the child to grow don’t rush, if you want to be in competition with people don’t involve the innocent children.”

SOBECHI UGWUANYI said; “Age is a serious criteria for admitting students into the university.
This boy is too small, his parents should first allow him learn some skills before going to the university
University is for adults not kids unless he wasn’t really a kid as he looks like.”

Chustenlase said; “The boy is still a small boy don’t think he’s up to 15 years old.”

Racheal Yohanna said; “He was really ready for the matric cos he got his size of the gown.”

Goodness said; “He looks smart

“Just give him time.”

Solomon Uwem said; “Please how old is he.”

ReplyChinaza Nnadi said; “Who give am matric gown.”

Ijeoma Nwosu page said; “This one really needs to go back to nursery

Banitos Online Store said; “There must be a mistake somewhere Wai.”

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