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Nigerian woman welcomes quadruplets, 2 boys and 2 girls after 18 years of waiting (Video)



A Nigerian woman and her family are in a joyous mood after she welcomed a set of quadruplets following years of waiting for a child.

The woman is said to have been childless for 18 years before God decided to bless her with four children all at once.

According to the person who shared the story on social media, the new mum gave birth to two boys and two girls, who are all hale and hearty.

A video making the rounds shows the moment, the father, family and friends were puring powder on themselves and dancing in jubilation.

The pot caption reads: “Unto say mama born quadruplets (2 boys, 2 girls) after 18 years of marriage.”

Watch video below:

@Daddy_Tweens; May God provide for her. It’s not easy. I know wetin my eyes for twins, e come be quadruplets. Those wishing to have twins don’t know what they are wishing for

@Honestina_Ofoha; Super Congratulations Sir/Ma. Someone I Know Gave Birth To 9_BABIES And I’m Super Happy For Them All

@JiokoBlock_; Na to shut down the hospital for like one week 😂😂😂😂😂😂

@_tobyblush; Brings me to the question… how do they give birth to so many after waiting for such a long time????

@SammyCartercfc; You say God no dey ? Dey play

@offisial_Light; Oh God! You know I want this kind of blessing 7 at once.

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