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Heartbreaking: Nigerian Graduate Passes Away After Father’s Abduction And Murder Despite Ransom Settlement



A young Nigerian woman named Gladys Jonathan Yemi, who tragically lost her father to kidnapping and murder despite ransom payment, has sadly passed away.

Prince Bawa, a family member residing in Abuja, shared this heartbreaking news in a Facebook post on Tuesday, May 29, 2024.

The deceased recently graduated from a higher institution just last month.

“Sister, why did you choose to leave us with such pain? This is how your father was kidnapped and killed even after paying ransom. I believe your mother was hoping you would help ease her pain as the only daughter of the family after your graduation. But to my surprise, you left us in agony at such a young age. If you reunite with my uncle, your father, please inform him that we miss you both. Rest in peace, sister Gladys,” he wrote.

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