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Woman helps, transforms life of her homeless friend after finding him on the street, he passes away after



A woman sparked emotional reactions when she found and transformed her high school friend she found on the edge, looking dirty, homeless, unkempt, and in distress on the street.

The post showed the moment the woman took care of him, bought him food and clothes, and took him to church to get him baptized.

In a scene captioned “1 year later,” the woman’s face was shown alongside the transformed man, now neat and corporate in shirt, tie, and trousers.

The beautiful transformation melted hearts on social media.

However, one viewer revealed that the man passed away not long after his transformation. User Lolabunni42 wrote: “Yes, he passed away. I just wanted to share his story of not giving up, hoping it reaches and touches everyone. God bless you.”

See some reactions below:

Jedi Minds: “I BEEN THAT MAN!! 8 years CLEAN this month! Glory be to God! I’m so grateful.”

Lacey Jarreau: “sometimes u just need one person to believe in you and stand by u may God bless you!”

Sade Williams: “This is truly amazing. I love hearing beautiful stories at testimonies like this. This really brought tears to my eyes of joy thank you ma’am for saving your friend.”

Smurf: “She is a real one true definition of a queen 90% of people out here just want your money now days.She helped him through is a blessing.”

TomTomDuhMan: “What an awesome transformation. God’s love is everywhere. We only need to seek and He’ll lead us the rest of the way. God bless.”

C-Loyal420$: “The world is lucky to have such beautiful ppl. Truly angels among us.”

the.two.percent: “wow! he looks so good compared to the first picture. God bless this kindhearted woman and I hope that man keeps doing good in life.”

God FIRST: “God is definitely he did the same for me. Love our Lord so happy for your friend and thank you for saving another Child of the Most High. May our Father open the Heavens for you. In Jesus’s Name.”


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