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“What did broke men ever do to you? Should they die because they don’t have money” – Taymesan asks Nigerian women



Notable podcaster, Taymesan laments the constant humiliation of ‘broke men’ at the hands of Nigerian women while quizzing the genesis of the issue.

In a recent video shared by the content creator on Instagram, he questioned Nigerian women regarding their experiences with “broke men.”

He mentioned that there’s a prevalent narrative online where women express their unwillingness to date financially struggling men.

Expanding his point, Taymesan emphasized the rejection men face when they’re broke which causes deep emotional wounds.

According to him, when some men finally make money, they engage in this behaviour of moving between relationships because they are trying to heal the emotional scars inflicted during their struggling phases, seeking validation and acceptance that they were denied when they lacked financial stability.

Watch the video below …

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