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“Stop disgracing your family” – Drama as bride refuses to pay makeup artist for her services worth N250k (Watch)



A Nigerian bride and her makeup artist engage in a heated altercation in a video online over the former’s refusal to pay N250k for the services.

The bride, after receiving her makeup and hairdo proceeded for her photoshoot and was barred my the makeup artist, who came forward to ask for her money.

The bride-to-be declared that she might decide not to pay the money she owes if the makeup artist persist in bothering her.

Even though her friend attempted to make the payment, the bride seized the phone and insisted on not paying, which led to a heated argument.

Check out netizens reactions below:

Ada Oba opined: “The bride is rude ,also the makeup artist could have calmed down ,there are better ways to resolve it”

kingadewunmi_ noted: “One was too impatient, the other was wayy too confrontational”

stardudefire said: “Some people just funny if you know that you don’t have money why not manage yourself and stop disgracing your family online”

DeeRubies suggested: “Go and off the generator, or rush go altar and start shouting that you won’t leave if they don’t pay you your money..”


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