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Pastor cries out as wife strips him naked in front of his congregation, seeks divorce



A Pastor identified as David Odeniyi has filed for the dissolution of his marriage with his wife, Bolanle, at the Mapo Grade ‘A’ Customary Court in Ibadan, citing serious allegations of domestic violence and public humiliation.

According to the Pastor, who resides in Basorun, Ibadan, his wife Bolanle not only subjected him to physical abuse but also resorted to public shaming tactics.

One such incident, as recounted by the applicant, involved Bolanle stripping him naked during a church service, much to the astonishment of the congregation.

The pastor further accused Bolanle of abandonment, detailing how she undertook a trip to Libya without his consent, leaving their child behind.

She reportedly has been residing outside Nigeria for two years. According to the pastor, this isn’t the first time he has sought legal intervention in their marital discord.

He revealed that a previous divorce suit filed at a Grade ‘C’ Customary Court in the Gate area of Ibadan was resolved through reconciliation.

However, with Bolanle failing to mend her ways, he felt compelled to revisit the court for relief.

Despite being present in the courtroom during her husband’s testimony, Bolanle failed to appear to defend herself when called upon.

Describing the harrowing experiences he endured, Pastor Odeniyi stated;

“She pulls and drags my trousers in order to disgrace me. Had I known that my wife would treat me like this, I would never have married her. Bolanle abandoned me with our only child and travelled to Libya. She’s been there for two years without my approval.

“In fact, she stripped me naked in front of my congregation and maliciously exposed the secret I kept with her. Worst still, Bolanle usually prevent visitors from seeing me, poisoned my food and kicked me in the stomach”.

Presiding over the case, the court’s President, Mrs. S.M. Akintayo, acknowledged the existence of a valid customary marriage between the couple.

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However, considering the gravity of the allegations and the apparent lack of willingness to reconcile, Mrs. Akintayo granted Odeniyi’s request for a divorce.

Furthermore, the court issued an order restraining Bolanle from threatening, harassing, or interfering in the private life of her estranged husband, providing Pastor Odeniyi with a semblance of protection as he seeks to move forward from the tumultuous marriage.

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