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Parents Be Careful, Check Out The Cause Of This Cute Twins Death That Will Make You Cry



A man named Ivan de Ikes announce on Facebook and other social network how he lose his twins yesterday many reaction to the post keep dropping this a really sad moment which no parent will ever pray to encounter.

He share his story on social media how he lost his two twins and he keep posting their picture every minute of the day is really sad thing for parents to lost there kids (children) in the hands of death.

Here is the full story of how he lost his two twins he said;

Him and his wife went to visit a family member and left the two twins in the hands of the nanny they fully employed to take care of the kids.

And after the meeting they came back and saw their two beautiful twin dead.

This really disheartening and they asked the nanny at home what really happened to his two kids?.

After many questions and hot interrogation The nanny said; she was with the children few minutes ago and she start feeling pain in her stomach she decided to use the toilet before she left the twin where happy and watching movies in the sitting room she left.

Only to come back they where No where to be found in the sitting room she search around and noticed their corps in the swimming pool drowned and dead.

After some investigation and CCTV camera coverage they find out she left the kids all alone in the sitting room and went upstairs to watch her own movie or was on call upstairs with out putting an eyes to the kids she was paid for to take care of.

Within this few period of time the kids find their ways out of the sitting room to play outside and both fall into a swimming pool outside and died.

The CCTV camera shows how they struggle for their life’s before they give up the ghost as no one is in position to help them out.

The nanny named withheld came down to the pool after 48miniute to help them but it was late at this moment

See the full story of the man as he share it on social media;

Please in a time like this everyone should be extraordinary careful and be watch full of the people close to you many thing’s is really happening which someone really need to tread with care.

This really a painful story that no parents will ever like to experience losing two great twins and kids same day. Please parents where ever you are always try to watch over your kids don’t just leave the full responsibilities to your nanny or anyone. No one can watch up your kids like you do.

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