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Muslim lady collapses and faints while walking on the road due to hunger, refuses malt offered to her by good samaritans (Video)



A video is making the rounds on social media that shows the moment a Muslim lady who is fasting collapses and faint while working on the road as a result of hunger.

Today, April 6th 2024 is Ramadan day 27, meaning the the holy month will come to an end on in the next 3 days.

However, the 30days fasting in the holy month of Ramadan is made compulsory to all muslins by the Almighty Allah as it is one of the five pillars of Islam.

However, as a result of hunger and dehydration, the lady while walking on the road under the sun collapses and fainted in the process of fasting.

Moving on, Good Samaritan upon sighting the Muslim lady who collapsed on the ground rushed to her to give her first aid attention, they also noticed that she is presently fasting.

The Muslim lady found it so hard to regain her consciousness and she could not move an inch from her initial state where she collapsed and fainted.

However, the people in the environment offered her malt to drink so that she can gain some consciousness but the Muslim lady refused to take the drink.

Watch the videos trending online below;

See reactions below;

brendanukagod__:😳 this is not the teaching of Islam to be honest. You can break your fast when it’s affecting your health..

_baefaith:  Only the cloth sef reach for her to faint inside dis heat😭💔.

ble_ssing_sunday: When it comes to religion some people no get sense, She thinks is the fasting that’ll take her to heaven or what?

hello_ladyvee_: My neighbor wey be Muslim,no send anyone 😂😂😂 baba dey chop steady.

scarletqueen00: As a Muslim ! This goes against the teaching of Islam ☪️, Islam doesn’t encourage fasting when one is not fit , or unhealthy at this point she is very much allowed to break her fasting and pay it back whenever she is capable of doing it , In Islam children underage are NOT ALLOWED TO FAST ❌ The ELDERLY and weak are NOT allowed to fast ❌ The Sick are NOT allowed to fast ❌ Islam does not impose fasting on you if you are unable to ! So she is very wrong and adamant for insisting to fast !

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officialmarleytiny: Ramadan is important! Your health is importanter 😏.

iamstepee: Make them commot those things wey she wear pure her better water 💦 heat too much.

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