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Missing German billionaire declared dead found ‘living with his mistress in Russia’



A German billionaire Karl-Erivan Haub who was declared dead after disappearing for 6 years has been found living with his mistress in Russia.

According to reports, Karl-Erivan Haub was discovered in Moscow living with his Russian mistress, six years after his enigmatic disappearance in Switzerland.

When the then-58-year-old German-American retail billionaire vanished in Zermatt, Switzerland, in April 2018, he was preparing for a ski mountaineering competition.

According to DailyMail, the rich businessman never made it back to his hotel after being last spotted ascending the mountain in a lift one morning by himself, which his trainer noted was unusual for a man who was usually very cautious about safety and well-prepared.

His body was never located despite a six-day search by authorities that saw teams of alpine rescuers and five aircraft scour the area.

Three years later, a Cologne court ruled Haub dead. He was the former managing director and partial owner of the German retail and grocery giant Tengelmann Group, leaving behind a wife, two kids, and a firm employing some 75,000 people.

In 2021, Christian, his younger brother, testified in court that there was no proof the Alpinist, whose estimated net worth was £5.2 billion, was still alive.

But a thorough investigation headed by the German network RTL now asserts that it has located Haub in Moscow, and it thinks the business magnate is there with Veronika Ermilova, a much younger mistress.

Retail tycoon Haub, who would be 64 years old now, is claimed to have made 13 calls to the aforementioned mistress’ phone in the final three days of his disappearance in 2018 according to the probe by RTL and media outlet Stern.

“His disappearance came at a time when Tengelmann was doing pretty badly… and was expanding into Russia with the Obi DIY chain, for example.

I am sure it was not a skiing accident, but a staged escape,” the journalist said.

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