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Man confused as his girlfriend requests N40k out of his N100k salary



An intending lover struggles to make a decision when his fiancée expects a monthly payment of N40,000 from his N100,000 wage..

The 26-year-old, who works for a corporation and is paid N100,000 per month, seeks advise from social media users anonymously.

“My mom is angry I bought a car for my wife who just gave birth to triplets” — Nigerian man cries out
He added that his girlfriend has just begun demanding for N40,000, and he is at a loss for what to do.

Loverboy is perplexed when his girlfriend wants N40k out of his N100k monthly pay.

He is torn between ending his relationship with her and beginning to send her money since he adores her.

In his words:

“I’m a 26 year old guy and I earn 100k every month.
The issue now is that my girlfriend is telling me to be giving her 40k every month from my salary. I don’t know what to do maybe I should break up or just accept her request. I love her”

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can also go out and find a job!”

@simplyweezee stated: “Well before you castigate the girl, I think you should ask her what she wants to use the money for. Some girls can ask for such and can be doing a good investment that’ll benefits she and the guy.
I think he should just give her because she might have a good investment at hand which would be of good to both of you in the future”

@temi_rossie_ wrote: “If you truly love her, you’ll even divide your salary into 2 and give her half❤️
Remember, your money is her money☺️”

@esosaleonard suggested: “Why not give her the 100k and tell her to give u what she thinks you deserve. Remember you really love her”

@DJDaley opined: “If they are living together, he can give her 40K for her upkeeps for household bills and other essentials but if not, he doesn’t have to give her a kobo, the girlfriend

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