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Lead British School: Nigerians call for the expulsion and arrest of student bullying colleague at school (Watch)



Nigerians have taken to social media to call for the expulsion of a student bullying her colleague at school after a video emerged.

A video from the school premises of Lead British School has made its way into the public domain where a student named  Namtira Bwala was being bullied by her classmates.

In the video one of the bullies was seen slapping Namtira Bwala countless times on her face while she stood there defenseless.

Soe media users have taken to Twitter to call for the arrest of the bullies.

@SirDickson: “If she can do this to her classmate, imagine what she does to her juniors. Lead British School have to take action immediately.”

@Tobilola: “I’m sorry but I won’t raise a child who won’t be able to fight back bullies like this. This is how it starts until they bully her to de@th.”

Cribscandle: “Expulsion isn’t enough, send her to a juvenile home 😢”.

@Mimasampson: “Circulate the pictures of all the bullies because they must have that in all their profile. They will also pay for damages to that girl they bullied and the fear they must have put in her to make her stay silent. Then me and the parent of the bully we must have one on one in a boxing ring. This is soooo annoying to watch 😢

@Prettyfomowowe:  “How can you even be slapping your mate like this ? How ? Tout omo!
Who broke your heart ? Awon omo jat*jat!

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Watch video below:

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