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“All I see decency” – Video of Muslim women using veil engaging in gym activities sparks mixed reactions online (Watch)



A video of some Muslim women engaging identified as Niqobite engaging in gym activities has surfaced online and it has been trailed with mixed reactions.

In the clip making the rounds online on social media, some Muslim women using veils raised eyebrows with a rare video of them at the gym.

In the western world, most people who patronize the gym are always seen in a sportswear that always fits their body so as to allow efficiency during physical activities at the gym.

However, the case of Muslim women in veils at the gym where all the parts of their body were fully covered left many speechless.

Despite using the veil, all the Muslim women engaged in different physical activities in an effortless manner.

As expected, the video generated mixed reactions online, while some hail the Muslim women using Niqabs to do various exercises at the gym, others shared their contrary opinions.

See reactions and the video below;

i_am_bluerose: Imagine being imprisoned in the name of religion God Abeg 😂.

jrdt_best:  Respect button to my Muslim brothers and sisters ❤️❤️.

b_gorgeous_fashion:  Proud to be a Muslim woman 🧕🏽.

buhareey:  Masha Allah. May God bless them for not exposing their body.

captain_gadaffi: I be Muslim, but this na total madness.

llola_adeleke: This one no be religion oh…na slave and manipulation oh…odi esin 😂.

thec_la: Imagine if you walk in there & see them. Nah to run ooo 😂. No be me una go bomb 😂

Watch the video below;

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