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”A cheating husband that provides for his family is better than a faithful man that cannot put food on the table” – Nigerian lady Lament



Nigerian lady leaves many mouths opened wide as she shares that a cheating husband who provides for the home is better than a faithful one.

The lady shared this to her Twitter account, @uTeeSamuel, where there has many conflicting opinions as regards the post.

She believes that in marriage, it is better to deal with a man who is cheating and still managing to provide for the family.

Rather than endure a marriage with a husband who is faithful but not doing anything to provide.

See her post here…..

Lady explains how a cheating husband is better than a faithful one

Some reactions to the post below

@JideWestwood disagreed: “Nothing justifies cheating”

@LadyGrasha opined: “There’s even a high chance that the faithful husband is faithful because he is broke”

@Melo_Malebo said: “Screw morality, so long as there’s cash coming in?
Please fetch your life, this is the saddest post I’ve read today.”

@IkeokwuChidozie wrote: “This is another lane entirely but I ask, when is the woman going to start putting something on the table?”

@SmithDCorey added: “Most woman will date the rich cheating man. She knows he will fulfill her life in every other department. Thats why you must be the man with the money if you want the power.
Women only difficult out here because you broke. Go get you some money.”

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