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Why I didn’t acknowledge Nigeria following my victory over Francis Ngannou – Anthony Joshua finally spills



British boxer Anthony Joshua has finally disclosed why he didn’t acknowledge Nigeria; the country he originates from following his victory over Francis Ngannou.

Recall that on March 8th 2024, Anthony Joshua knocked out Francis Ngannou in the second round of a stirring victory during Friday’s heavyweight bout in Saudi Arabia.

While delivering his speech in the boxing ring following the victory, Joshua made a personal choice not to acknowledge Nigeria, which stirred online criticism.

Anthony Joshua gives massive shoutout to Francis Ngannou’s country known as Cameroon, his London People, and the people of Saudi Arabia.

Consequently, the boxer has come under scrutiny for his actions, sparking widespread speculation and debate.

However, in a recent exclusive interview, Joshua provided much-needed clarification, offering insights into the motivations behind his controversial choice.

In the interview, Joshua addressed the matter directly, acknowledging the curiosity and concerns expressed by fans and the media alike. Contrary to assumptions of indifference or detachment from his Nigerian roots, Joshua revealed that his decision was rooted in a “deeply personal struggle.”

He confessed to grappling with internal distractions and challenges in the lead-up to the fight, necessitating a laser focus on his mental preparation and performance in the ring.

Joshua spoke further about the pressures and expectations placed upon athletes of his caliber, highlighting the need for resilience and self-care amidst the relentless scrutiny and spotlight of the industry.

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“When I lost my last match, Nigerians were the people who trolled me and made mockery of me. Learn to show love to those losing, not only those winning.

“Those at the bottom need love, care, and support more than those at the top. When someone is falling, hold them; don’t wait to make a mockery of them. They are my people, and I love them still.“

While Joshua’s decision may have sparked controversy and disappointment among some fans, he expressed gratitude for their unwavering support throughout his career.

He reiterated his pride in his Nigerian heritage and reaffirmed his commitment to representing the country proudly in future endeavors.

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