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TRENDING!!! Army Burnt Down Okuama Community In Delta After K*lling Of 14 Soldiers, Behéadëd and Body Parts R!pped Off (Photos)



According to another version of the story, Soldiers of the Nigerian Army visited Okuama, an Urhobo riverine community in Ughelli south LGA Delta requesting to see the Community shrine and their Chief priest.

Two people, an advanced man and a boy of 15 years approached them to ask what could be the issue. The village has been reportedly having communal issues with Okoloba, an Ijaw community in Bomadi LGA.

On approaching the Soldiers to seek answers, the soldiers shot them unprovoked, causéd chaos and left.

The news got to the community and there was rage everywhere.

The youths organised themselves for a reprisal att@çk on the soldiers, killed 12 of them on the same night.

This morning, Soldiers entered the community in large numbers and started burn!ng houses in the community.

The whole village is now empty.

See Photos below:

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