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“This marriage wrecked me” – Nigerian man says after DNA shows he’s not the father of his ‘SS’ son



A Nigerian man, identified as Steve Opeyemi Moses has cried out after DNA test showed that he is not the biological father of his son, Teri Oluwa, who has SS genotype.

Last year, Moses dragged his wife to Nigerian-based TV court over the paternity of their son. The suspicion started when he discovered that their child is a carrier of SS but he is AA while his wife is AS. According to him, his wife gave birth a year after their marriage.

In the courtroom, the father got to discover that he did not fathered their young boy with the DNA test showing 0% probability of paternity.

He, then, took to his micro blogging platform to narrate his terrible experiences, revealing how he strived to nurse a child that does not belong to him.

He wrote,

“I am still in awe 🫢 of how we got here. We got married precisely May 21, 2016. A year down the line she got pregnant and gave birth on her birthday November 8, 2018.NThe first crisis the body had we spent thousands in hospital and that’s when we first discovered he was SS.”

“At this point I was confused. She first told me it was the enemy that was doing us through the boy. I didn’t believe and at the same time I didn’t argue with her. I started making my research if it was possible for AA + AS to produce SS.”

“I saw some rare occasions of extreme weather conditions but it wasn’t possible in Nigeria as a result of good weather. I spoke to few councillors and mid wifes in Ifako General Hospital and Lagos State teaching Hospital.”

“We kept on living 2gether & we kept praying & fasting and nothing change. The boy kept on going through crisis. At this point we were already out of cash and could not afford a DNA test because I was already uncomfortable having confirmed from many sources that it was impossible.”

“For me to produce SS even when I marry SS as a AA. So I started voicing my displeasure out to my friends and one of them pointed me to Justice Court that they will do the DNA test for free. So I contacted them and arranged a sample for me and the boy for Paternity test.”

“Paternity test results came out in December and we had a court session where it was unveiled as seen in the video. Since December she has been dulging and refusing to pick calls from Justice Court to carry out the Judge verdict to run a maternity test.”

“So as I write this story, Justice Court has not been able to reach her over the phone. She is not picking calls. One funny thing in all this is, in November last year. Her family got me arrested from Ajuwon Police Station because I was not dropping upkeep for the said child.”

“It took intervention of our family lawyer to get the case out of police station. I remember the Police were supporting her. In December, DNA results came out and it was negative. The need to clear herself arises and she went into isolation.”

“The above video shows the last part that says “Is the child swap in hospital?” It may be possible but the chances are slim. I was present in the labour room and there were only two woman in labour that day. It wasn’t a hospital, it was Ojodu Health Center at Gbadamosi, Ojodu.”

“The other woman already gave birth while she was in labour. I remember following the nurse to clean him up & collected him back. Dropped him beside her on the bed waited for her sister to come and then I left to cook something for her. Honestly, this marriage wrecked me.”

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