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“This is so funny” – Moment boxer left the boxing ring as the fight with his counterpart kickstarts, video trends (Watch)



Several reactions have started trailing a video that shows the moment a boxer left the boxing ring immediately after his fight with his counterpart kickstart.

In the video, a boxer identified as Curtis Harper left many in shocked states as he left the ring immediately after the bell rang.

At the initial level while inside the boxing ring, Curtis Harper was seen displaying some gestures showing that he was fully ready for the fight.

He also moved forward when the referee called him and his counterpart Efe Ajagba to order as the fight was about to commence in the ring.

As the match kickstarts, while the audience who paid for tickets expected a show, Curtis Harper left everyone dumbfounded by leaving the ring.

The angry fan was left with no choice but to boo him as he left the ring and headed to his whereabouts.

As expected, the referee declared Ajagba the winner through disqualification because of the act.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

michael._u: Maybe he received divine revelation of wetin go happen to am for that guy hand.😄.

verydarkblackman: Them only pay am for appearance them no pay for fight 😂.

bankus_uao: He who fights and run lives to fight another day, that adage was referring to this guy 😂😂.

mista_olamilekan: Some battles are for the LORD, no be everything you go fight 😅.

chrisphenomenal: According to curtis Harper’s side of the story, he wasn’t told the fight would be televised and the pay was just $6,000 (which According to him is too small for a televised match), and also he and his wife was treated like a garbage prior the event, cuz efe is bigger than harper (at that moment), so instead of arguing , they started the match and he walked out, Efe automatically won by disqualification but Curtis nor stress, no bruise no sweat, went home with his $6,000 😂😂😂😂😂.

_thatjudith22: Never let them know your next move 😂.

callme_mr.nice: He has 2 teeth remaining and yall want him to loose the rest?

yomiogunmefun: Promoters cut down his pay just before the fight.

onuelcreates: 😂😂😂😂 his spirit told him something and he had to follow.

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