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“She’s the kind of woman I’ve always wanted” – Man insists on proposing to girlfriend despite genotype incompatibility



Nigerian man with an AC genotype insists on proposing to his beloved girlfriend who is AS despite their incompatible genotypes, as he opens up about why he cannot let her go.

The man shared his woes with a Twitter influencer, Sir Dickson on the social networking platform.

The unidentified man revealed that he has the rare AC genotype, while his girlfriend has an AS genotype, but he still wants them to be together.

He admitted that what he wants to do is insane but the lady is the kind of woman he has always wanted.

He solicited opinions on the chances of giving birth to kids who are SS.

His words …

“I’m AC and I want to propose to my gf who is AS. I know it’s insane but I’m going to do it. She’s the kind of person I have always wanted. What are our chances or birthing an SS? Are there workarounds? Please?”

Check out reactions that followed …

@Iamnoble6 commented: “If you try am na God go punish you”

@Moradeyofficial stated: “My Advise

You should visit a Sickle cell outreach, or home before you proceed…

They won’t tell you!.”

@iamofficialobj begged: “Don’t bring those innocent kids into this life to suffer pls.”

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@bankychummz remarked: “Them no dey tell person after all the knowledge you have amassed in your life…you will now make the most silly life changing decision….damn”

@MA_Dibola penned: “Don’t be blinded by love”

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