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“My Father Did Not Impregnate Me, I Lied and I Just Want The World To Know The Truth And Why“ – Lady confess



Children are blessings from the Almighty to parents and always bring happiness to the families they are born into. Today, i bring you a painful story of a lady, Sheila Nasimiyu.

According to an interview with Lynn Ngugi on her show, Sheila and her siblings have been raised by their father after mother died while giving birth. However, before her mother died, her father and mother’s relationship was not good because the mother would go for 2 to 3 weeks before coming back and the father would leave them for 2 or 3 days.

Unfortunately, Sheila went through hard time because the family from mother’s side always reminded her that it was her father who caused her mum’s death. After completing her school in 2014, Sheila was advised by her father to go and stay with her aunty as he looked for fees to take her to high school.

But when Nasimiyu arrived at her aunt’s place in the evening she found her aunty in labour and was rushed to the hospital by her husband and Sheila was left alone in the house.

Unfortunately, Nasimiyu’s uncle cane back at night when she was sleeping and went straight to her room and grabbed her before she could scream. The uncle told her that if she screamed he would kill her aunty, brother, sister and father since he knew she loved them dearly.

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Sadly, Sheila was raped by the uncle and after told her to act like nothing happened when the aunty came back from the hospital. After a month, Sheila suspected to be pregnant because she missed her period and her father was planning to sell the land to pay her form one fees.

However, Sheila advised her father not to sell the land yet since she had thought of going back to class eight again to get high marks to be granted a scholarship.

However, the villagers reported her father to the police after they suspected Sheila was pregnant and claimed the pregnancy was his. She was checked and after they found out Nasimiyu was 16 weeks pregnant. Sheila was told to write a statement but the uncle who got her pregnant threatened if she mentioned him, he would kill her and her family.

Unfortunately, Sheila was forced to write a statement accusing her father of getting her pregnant and knew that after the DNA test he would be set free. However, Sheila did not know that her uncles had taken her father’s land and demolished their house.

Sheila had to stay with her grandmother and after gave birth. After the baby was 2 weeks the DNA was conducted and when the results were out the father was released since she was not the one who got Nasimiyu pregnant.

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Sheila was afraid when her father was released and had to move out of her grandmother’s place. Sheika went to Uganda and left her baby but after a month, she was called to take the baby. She cane back to her grandmother’s place but she would see visitors coming and going and when she asked Sheila was told that the visitors were people who were bargaining to have her. When she saw that she left leaving the baby behind.

Sheila met a man who fell in love with and started living together and got pregnant again. After a while a person who knew her past told the man about her life and that her father slept with her.

After she gave birth she left the baby with the father and started a new life. She took her eldest son to her aunty and went to search for jobs. Sheila is always afraid of revealing her identity and her son because of she does not want to be judged or people to know her past. She said,

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