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Man loses manhood after dog pet bites if off



A 66-year-old man in Germany has reportedly lost his manhood following an assault meted out to him by his own dog pet.

According to police, neighbors reported a dog’s constant barking from the man’s residence around 2 a.m. on Tuesday.

When first responders arrived at the property in Herne, northwestern Germany, they heard painful groans from inside.

At this time, they broke down the door to find the 66-year-old guy with his dog. The Police swiftly realized the man’s life was in danger and transported him to the hospital.

According to the German tabloid Bild, neither the man’s manhood nor ‘an instrument of the crime’ have been retrieved from the scene so far.

The victim has also been unable to furnish information due to health issues. According to officials, the most likely explanation being considered is that the dog caused the man’s injuries.

First Police Chief Inspector Frank Lemanis told reporters that the man was placed in an artificial coma when he arrived at the hospital.

‘One possibility, of course, is that the dog, which is around the size of a Jack Russell terrier, bit off and ate the penis. The wound could potentially have been caused by a bite.

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