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“Lord Lamba’s family denied the child at first, asked Queen for a DNA” – Blogger discloses



In a recent development, blogger Cutie Juls has revealed some fascinating information about Lord Lamba and Queen Mercy Atang’s relationship.

Taking to Instagram, the controversial blogger revealed that Lord Lamba’s family had completely denied Queen’s pregnancy in the beginning and they had to ask her for a DNA test. She further narrated that on the first day that Queen had taken Lord Lamba’s daughter to meet their family, that there were already issues on getting to the house.

The blogger further narrated how a doctor had immediately taken the child from her to perform a DNA test. When the DNA test results came showing that Lord Lamba was the father of the child, Lord Lamba’s mother had continued to doubt the paternity.

She had also called Queen out for being wayward and desperate. A video of Queen crying while sending a video note to Lord Lamba has also emerged online. In the video note, she is seen telling him that she is not wayward while trying to express her grievances that his mother does not like her.

This is exactly what Cutie Juls had to say,

“So on the first day when Queen took she and Lamba’s daughter to go meet Lamba’s mother for the first time in that child’s life, there was already issues waiting to meet her on the first dav she ever stepped foot in her father’s house.

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On getting to the house, Queen met a doctor already waits for for she and her child to take samples of the child for DNA.

Lamba’s mother will not have anything to do with the child until after DNA.

Lamba’s excuse was that his mom said she’s had visions and believes Queen is wayward.

Queen had to swear this is never true. Well long story short, they took the child’s samples for DNA and it came out that 99.9% positive confirming the child is for Lamba.

Fast forward to the child’s dedication. Queen and her people suggested the child dedication be done in Lamba’s mother’s church. The woman refused and said that she doesn’t want her church members to know that her son had a child with a “wayward non-Igbo girl”.

If you check Lamba’s mother social media pages and WhatsApp, she posts her other grandchildren but not Queen’s child because according to her, “Queen is wayward”.

Lamba’s mother a so said that Princess doesn’t have Lamba’s nose and so she stil have some doubts even after DNA test.”

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