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“Jail him until I die” – A Woman begs the Court to jail her son after he did this to her



A lady stunned an court yesterday after pleading with it to jail her child until the day she kicks the bucket. Ms. Selly was in tears as she described to Senior Resident Magistrate, Christine, how their only child had exposed the family to torment.

Ms. Selly said her child, Nelson, 33, beat her and her significant other, forcing the father to escape the house during a few events. She told the court that although the child was serving a prison sentence of more than two years for assaulting them, he had not changed.

She asked the court not to hand him over until he died, so she could live in harmony. ‘I ask this court not to release this kid, my life is in danger because of the unceasing dangers and aggressions of the denounced.’

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