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“I said yes again” — Isreal DMW estranged wife Sheila Courage set to remarry



It is the season of love and commitments, and Sheila Courage, estranged wife of Isreal DMW, finds herself fortunate to be granted another opportunity to embark on the journey of marriage.

Overflowing with happiness, Sheila took to her Instagram page to express her elation at this stroke of fortune.

Previously wedded to Isreal, Sheila’s past marriage has been fraught with controversy, but now she embraces the promise of a fresh start.

Isreal asserts that Sheila’s affection towards him was not genuine, alleging that she married him solely for his wealth.

Furthermore, he disclosed that despite Sheila’s v!rginity prior to their marriage, she did not find satisfaction in their intimate moments together.

Despite Isreal’s numerous online outbursts, Sheila maintained her composure and chose not to engage, simply informing her followers that she had already returned the bride price he had paid.

Confirming Sheila’s positive development is her close friend Ginika, who publicly extended her congratulations to Sheila via her Instagram story.

Speculation arose about the timing of Sheila’s proposal, especially after she and her partner shared a video of their travels abroad. Many presume that this is where the significant event occurred.

See screesnhot of the post below;

See reactions below;

mikkytorino: When MOVING ON is a human being Omo… this girl never loved Isreal, that’s the simple truth we are all running through corners to say.

tufab: Dem just wan give Juju better hypertension. That wedding we no go gree oo. We no go gree. Na to protest oo. God of Israel where are u.

nohpheesat: She intentionally wants to Raise his b.p 😂.

iconic_twin: This says all we need to know about the israel’s story. This gurl never liked that man… 😢😢😢.

__funkygold: Person said yes to another man, una put picture of her ex husband 😂😂.

xpensive_fatima: The girl target was Davido and not isreal. she no just succeed ni 😂 take it or leave me.

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