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“After 3 abortions, Ola please” – Nigerian lady shares emotional breakup chat after 5-year relationship



A Nigerian lady has sparked emotional reactions as her boyfriend of 5 years ended their relationship despite her having undergone 3 abortions for him.

This is revealed in a video captioned: “Message I got from him. 5 years relationship, where do I start from.”

In the video, the lady showed her face before displaying the conversation she had with her boyfriend on the day he broke up with her.

In the chat, the boyfriend failed to give reasons for ending things but simply stated that he didn’t want her anymore and requested her to respect his decision.

Meanwhile, the lady questioned if he was joking, to which he responded that he was serious.

She reminded him of their 5-year relationship and the fact that she had undergone 3 abortions for him.

However, he claimed that she had done the first abortion without informing him and asserted that they both knew they weren’t ready for parenthood.

The conversation between the boyfriend and girlfriend garnered attention on social media after being shared online.

Here are some reactions below:

—Riike: “Sis is this real or nah cruise because I read same thing on a girl video also una Dey use breakup do cruise nah we dey chop am know wetin he mean.”

user name adebola: “All this early morning billing self can make a break up I never chop credit my opay.”

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user@Oyinkansola003: “For those of you shouting she abort three pregnancy for the guy …Shaybe na because she post ham ..some girls don remove pass three in dis comment.”

Durenceherself: “Never ending don end😩😩 thank God say the padlock wey you add for him name get key unlock and move on baby.”

Tom-Higgins: “And he might be facing some life challenges 🥺you don’t need to put the blame on him only.”

Good~bad~girl: “Baby Girl💕he no even Sabi English wella(using am in place of I’m) I’m putting it to you,he will regret he left,my 3yrs relationship crashed few months ago and now he’s regretting he left 😹Enjoy.”

Adunni: “So sorry sis honestly I can relate “ just gather up, and buckle up” just focus on ur business/ carrier for now “ so next time see u” he won’t u on the same spot love u.”

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