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ABSU Final Year Student Ambushed, Shot Dead By Cultists (Watch)



A disturbing video has surfaced, capturing the moment when a final year student from Abia State University (ABSU) fell victim to a fatal attack by cultists.

The footage, filmed off campus, depicts the victim struggling to flee his assailants, crawling along an unpaved road with blood streaming down his face. Despite his valiant efforts to escape, the attackers, dressed in all-black attire, swiftly closed in on him

In the video, one of the assailants records the scene while the other, armed with a gun, approaches the victim. Despite attempting to stand and run, the victim is mercilessly gunned down by the armed assailant. Shockingly, students residing in nearby hostels and on the street witnessed the brutal attack unfold.

Another video reveals the victim lying in a pool of blood as bystanders gather around him. The incident, which reportedly took place on Monday morning, March 11th, has instilled a sense of fear and unease in Uturu, the location of ABSU.

According to reports, a student witnessed a significant police presence in response to the tragic killing.

The victim is reportedly a final year student who should have graduated the following day.

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