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“You for just poison me alone because I dey used to am, you con bring am for my friends too ” — Man lambasts girlfriend over poorly cooked egusi



Girlfriend shares hurtful rants from her man after she fed him and his friends a poorly cooked egusi soup.

The contrite lady shared the post to her Tiktok account, @ezinne_6, where she said her boyfriend was harsh.

According to the boyfriend, she was fond of always disgracing him whenever his friends were around.

Knowing she was not a proficient chef, he had asked her not to cook when his friends came by that day but she refused, insisting to make the meal.

On seeing the meal, he immediately knew it was a disaster and expected that she would leave it in the kitchen so he could manage to eat it after his friends leave.

However, she brought it out for all of them to eat and his friends began laughing at him because of her terrible cooking.

He advised her to go back to her mother to properly learn how to cook.

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