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Woman loses twin babies to church after 15 years of waiting



A Nigerian woman who eventually got pregnant after 15 years of being childless loses her twin babies following the decision to go to church for days right after her water broke.

A doctor via the microblogging platform X, @King_pearcee shared the experience of a woman who had struggled for 15 years to have a child.

Eventually, she got pregnant and everything went fine from the baby’s first trimester until the last but unfortunately had an early labor.

Instead of visiting the hospital, she reportedly went directly to the church where she stayed for 5 days straight and was eventually rushed to the hospital where the babies were declared dead.

“A lady who finally got pregnant after waiting for 15 years. She was pregnant with twin babies. Then her water broke before the right time for labor.

“Guess where this lady went to? Yes she went to the church to go and pray, stayed for 5 days. Then she came to the hospital and It was confirmed that both babies were dead,” the doctor wrote.

Reactions as woman loses twin babies to church after 15 years of waiting
zizelle_ stated: “ How do we separate religion from common sense?”

FunmiKolz wrote: “This is heartbreaking. I pray God comforts her and her husband.”

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LEXYtee_mark reacted: “Some1 I knew been looking for a child for years, around 2010, she was pregnant and always on marathon fasting, she will break the fast with food without salt. The baby died while she was given birth, till now she never see pregnant again.”

idong_udoewah noted: “The “Pastor” or whoever TF is in charge of that place should be arrested. She doesn’t have a husband? Omo, I’m just so pissed reading this right now .”

Uyoyoghene_ stated: “I don’t even understand people. Even Jesus gave unto Caesar what was Caesar’s. In Ecclesiastics, the Bible said there is time for everything. God is Omnipresent! Anywhere you pray He will hear. Why do people practice religion like this? This is just so so sad.”

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