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Transgender Jay Boogie flaunts newly acquired backside months after pleading to Nigerians to come to his aid (Video)



Popular Nigerian transgender Daniel Anthony Nsikan better known as Jay Boogie is in the news again as he flaunts his newly acquired backside.

This is coming months after Jay Boogie pleaded to Nigerians to come to his aid following a botched BBL surgery conducted on her by her doctor.

The poorly executed surgery carried out on him resulted in an alleged inability to urinate for a month and further information also said that his two kidneys has been damaged.

Jay Boogie also shared some videos online from the hospital bed begging Nigerians to come to his aid by supporting him with financial assistance adding that he doesn’t want to die and by extension, a GoFundMe was created for him.

However, Blogger Tosin Silverdam in a post said Police should arrest Jay Boogie for scamming Nigerians stating that he does not need a kidney transplant.

In an interview with Egungun in December 2023, Jay Boogie stressed that he never scammed Nigerians then thanks Nigerians for all the donations made to his accounts as he stressed that if not for them, he wouldn’t be alive.

However, in the new clip spotted online today, Jay Boogie shows off her newly acquired asset.

Watch the video below;

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