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Nigerian woman shows mysterious stuff she found inside fish she purchased at market (Watch)



A Nigerian woman has caused a stir online after she shared online mysterious stuff she found inside a fish she purchased at the market.

In the video shared, the woman discovered a tied padlock inside a fish she had bought from the market to prepare.

A video of the woman displaying the padlock tied with red thread was posted on TikTok by a Nigerian man going by the handle @fargomoni85.

While filming the extraordinary object, she used a stick to hold the padlock.

The man who posted the video claims that his neighbor’s wife’s friend discovered it as she was cleaning fish she had purchased from an Ibadan, Oyo state, market.

He further disclosed that to free whoever or whatever was bound, he and the woman had unlocked the padlock. In addition, he declared that nothing bad would happen to him or the woman because they had untied the padlock.

The video was captioned, “A lady found this in a fish bought from a market in Ibadan. God have mercy.”

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