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“Motor go jam you, you go die” – Nigerian lady exposes landlord’s son’s threats after refusing to date him



A Nigerian lady sparked discussions on social media when she shared a recording of the son of her landlord ranting and threatening her after she refused to date him.

The post was captioned: “I rejected my landlord’s son.”

In the video, the voice of the man, believed to be the landlord’s son, can be heard threatening the lady while asserting his importance.

He said:

“Let me tell you, I’m not an ordinary person. For what you’ve said, I give you 3 months. From now until 3 months, whatever you lay your eyes on, will be what will happen to you.”

“I swear to God, as you’re walking like that, a car will hit you, you will die, it won’t be well for your life, it won’t be well for your destiny, you’re crazy.”

“The person sleeping with you will use you for rituals, you will die.”

The statements of the landlord’s son caught the attention of many social media users, with numerous people commenting on the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Lambo: “lol sounds like he is in so much pain.”

Tohyor’s pastries: “You sure shey na reject you reject this guy.”

Sërënity: “You no dey pay rent Ni.”

FEMININE PLUG IN EKITI: “Sorrow is that you.”

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😌😘—Doyin hairline—: “Something is more to this please.”

♥️ sunshine: “this one don pass threat o,”

Kauthar🌚: “Omo oga can’t accept ni shey na by force some guys ehh.”

ADUKE🤭❤️👅: “Go to the police station asapu😂on top house.”

vahlencia: “Don’t take this lightly o🤧It’s a serious threat.”

Ayanfe🥂❤: “She ate him up real bad.”

GlowQueen: “Hope you kept this vn?”

pretty imelda: “wahala 😂😂ontop say u no gree.”

Mandy: “Why is he pained.”



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