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“It is well trained” – Reactions as dog playfully prevents little child from eating its food (Watch)



All round applause as a viral video online shows the moment a smart dog playfully prevents a little child from eating its food.

In a TikTok video posted by @justine.miyo7, the little child was seen approaching the dog’s food storage area with the apparent goal of eating from it.

The dog swiftly decided to step in and stop the baby from reaching the meal.

The pet dog darted off, playfully deflecting the baby’s gaze from the food with its head.

The animal has been praised on social media by many as being gentle and incredibly well-trained, and for knowing that a newborn shouldn’t consume dog food.

Read some comments below:

@official dubby@99 commented: “This dog is well trained. Not the dog in my house, na only to pursue me he sabi.”

@Focuz(Oxygen) remarked: “My landlord’s dog sleeps at night and bark at day…The other day he was chasing everybody even the landlord.”

@Ife mii said: “The dog was guiding the baby from eating his food cause the dog know say human being food is different from him own.”

@EU Snipes commented: “I hope the dogs in my house are seeing the way other dogs are behaving. Their own na to dey pursue me like a thief.”

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Watch the video below:


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