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“I like the introduction” – Caucasian man speaks to in-laws when he arrived to marry Igbo woman in USA (Watch)



A video that has caused a buzz online shows the moment a Caucasian man, who wanted to marry an Igbo woman, came for the introduction.

The Caucasian man was seen dressed in the traditional attire of the tribe and the custom of the Igbo tribe was duly observed throughout the whole process.

The bride’s father asked the men the purpose of their visit and an elderly Caucasian man stood up to speak on behalf of the young man.

He noted that they had seen a flower in their home and they had come to pluck it.

When the bride’s father spoke again, he asked him to be specific about which flower, upon which the bride was promptly identified amongst other people that were seated there.

Check out reactions that followed …

@SOLDIER P said: “I’m very excited seeing Oyibo putting on our red cap.”

@ifeomamadu366 commented: “I need one Oyinbo man to come and pick me as his wife.”

@igbotic4L said: “Igbo women to fine. See as he adjusts to our culture.”

@abdulbaba728 commented: “I have witnessed lots of different (cultural) weddings, but when I went to my friend’s traditional wedding in Igboland, that is the best.”

Watch video below …

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