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BREAKING: Kylian Mbappé set to leave PSG as free agent after informing them about his decision



Kylian Mbappé has now informed PSG that he will LEAVE the club in July!.

All the terms of the departure are yet to be fully agreed but he will LEAVE Paris in the summer – Kylian has yet to fulfil his commitments to the club, but he will leave.

Real Madrid have already sent contract proposal to Kylian Mbappé’s camp

The salary offered by Real Madrid’s way lower than the one they proposed to Mbappé back in summer 2022…

The contract proposal is also lower compared to what Paris Saint-Germain offered for new deal at the club.

It’s up to Mbappé as Real Madrid remain confident as reported but still cautious and calm until it’s signed.

It’s OVER between Paris Saint-Germain and Mbappé.

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