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“You know who I be outside” – Young man blows hot as parents seize his phone, make him wash plates (Video)



Young man blows hot after his parents made him wash the plates after returning home for break.

The young man was filmed by his sister while he grudgingly did the dishes.

In the clip which was shared on social media, the young man was blowing hot at the unfairness of being made to wash plates at his age.

He expressed his displeasure, asking his parents whether they knew his status outside the house.

Apparently, his parents had seized his phone and refused to give him any food unless he washes the plates.

Read some reactions:

samvail__ said: “When u heard the stammer u juts know say no be stage na real life!”

_baddie_riya said: “Why Pa Pa Pablo go dey was.. was.. wash plate”

endylight1 wrote: “You know who I be outside City boy clean those dishes jare”

pam_ayy stated: “After you complain finish,wash the plate big boy for your pocket”.

taiwo_junzi 4h wrote:
“You know who I be outside”

Watch the video below:

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