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Pretty Mike reacts to speculations of being a ritualist



Popular Nigerian socialite, Pretty Mike breaks silence on the widespread speculations of being a ritualist as he discusses why he uses women for his public displays at events.

The model and dabber fashionista was recently featured in a new episode of Doyin’s podcast ‘Doyin’s Corner’ during which the question was lobbed at him.

Doyin enquired to know if Pretty Mike was a ritualist, and he refuted such speculations, maintaining that he doesn’t belong to any secret cult and doesn’t perform any sinister rituals.

Additionally, the socialite noted that his unusual display at public events is nothing other than showbiz, and explained that he usually uses women for these displays because they are, in most cases, the most fitting for the roles, and not because he views the ladies as inferior to men.

In his words …

“Even the thought of answering that question makes me laugh because I keep asking myself ‘What’s the definition of a ritualist?’ Do these things exist or is it something we just watch off of African Magic or Nollywood.

But if its is based on those things we are seeing on TV and somebody uses somebody’s mother, then ‘No’. There is nothing to renew, the only thing I want to renew is my strength in Christ.”

Watch him speak …

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