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Nigerian man upset as wife chooses to create TikTok video over making him breakfast



A Nigerian woman found herself in trouble with her husband when she brought a ring light into their bedroom and started making TikTok videos while he was asleep instead of preparing food for him.

In the video captioned ‘If she continues with this behavior, she will suffer,’ the husband was heard expressing his anger towards his wife for not recognizing her mistake.

He claimed that she woke up early in the morning and immediately started making TikTok videos without considering making him breakfast.

As he tried to address her actions in the video, the wife didn’t listen and responded by saying he should be at work at that hour instead of being at home.

Their conversation drew attention on social media, prompting many individuals to share their thoughts in the comment section.

See some reactions below:

JD: “‎That woman na error. She just wants to be right by all means. My condolences to their marriage. Tragic.”

ibechris709: “‎God, please help ooo I can’t imagine my future wife talking back at me when I am expressing myself.”

Joan Rerri: “‎How u as a wife go get up from bed say na phone u wan dey press.”

Mimi sparky: “‎why is she responding instead of correcting her actions.”

Roaar: “‎but wait o…which products you dey sell inside bathroom early in the morning.”

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Talented: “‎I swear to God this seems like skit but even this morning me and my woman don get serious issues this generation don cast.”

JGB006: “‎abeg madam cook for senior man make e no go outside chop yeye thing for body,carry bad spirit come back house.”

Preshtalker4: “‎Respect your man no matter what…. men are king treat them well and u will be treat like a queen that u are.”

mama lolo: “‎some ladies comment here ehn. God abeg my brother and sons no go marry this kind character… skit or no skit.”

Kay_DeYoungestBillionaire: “‎See what she said at the end. “A dey make my own money”, that’s how they behave, they loose respect for you when they think they have arrived.”

shevy117: “‎Tell am to use the money wey she dey make to feed herself for one day she go say I no get money.”

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