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“My 10-month pregnancy was in vain” – Lady bursts into tears as her baby dies in her womb after carrying him for almost a year (Video)



A Nigerian lady, identified as @everyone_hates_me_8, has tearfully opened up on her devastating experience of her unborn baby dying in her womb.

The emotional video recounts the journey from the lady’s initial excitement about her pregnancy to the heartbreak of discovering her child’s demise.

According to the heartbroken lady, the journey began in January when she joyfully learned about her pregnancy.

However, the joy turned to misery on October 8th. The lady shared that her mother, deeply concerned about her well-being, took her to a hospital where she remained for two days.

Subsequently, she was transferred to another hospital for further evaluation.

It was during this period that she underwent a scan, leading to the heartbreaking revelation that her unborn son had died in her womb.

The lady recounted the nurse delivering the devastating news after examining the scan results.

Upon hearing the devastating news, the lady and her family sought a second medical opinion.

The only available option presented to her was a cesarean section (CS), procedure she underwent with the hope of seeing her baby.

However, upon waking up from the surgery, she was met with the heartbreak of not being able to lay eyes on the child she had carried for ten months.

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In her words;

“A nurse told me to go get a scan result, after the result came out, I found out my son is already dead In my womb. I cried cox my 10 months were in vain.

“So we went to another hospital and the only option was CS (cesarean sections). After the CS I woke up and couldn’t see my son not even for once. I was heartbroken cox I couldn’t see the prince I carried for 10 months.”

Netizens Reactions…
Loner said: “He went to bring his sister along, they will come back as twins.”

@ImmaJay said; “I cover every pregnant woman with the blood of Jesus.”

@desireedevie said; “Please someone, will cs have prevented this, just asking cuz I’m pregnant too.”

@user9210635719949 reacted; “Mother alive baby alive for any pregnant women.”

@user32718707466316 said; “Scan Confirm I Was Pregnant Fr A Girl But I Had My Twins Inside Labor Room May Such Miracle Locate U Dear Dnt Loose Hope What God Cnt Do Doesn’t Exist.”

@THE WIG BAR reacted; “Why didn’t the hospital booked u for cs earlier after 10 months God Abeg.”

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