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Man cries out as his girlfriend passes away due to severe menstrual pain



A Ghanaian man on social media is distraught after losing his beautiful girlfriend to what he claims was severe menstrual pain.

The young man shared the post on his Twitter account, @richden019, where he celebrated her life and announced the painful death.

Many were quite surprised at the death of the young lady who was only 24 years old and were curious to the tragic incident that ended her life.

Surprising many, he claimed she died from menstrual pain she had been suffering since she started menstruating.

However, he was confronted as many claimed only menstrual pain could not cause her death.

He then revealed it was associated with ulcer and anytime her period pain came, she was unable to eat as everything irritated her.

Many Netizens have shared their sympathy with the young man.


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