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“Love kee you there” – singer mayorkun slams people telling him to get married



In a recent Instagram post, popular singer Mayorkun lashed out at individuals sliding into his DMs, urging him to tie the knot.

The artist, with a touch of humor, labeled such messengers as “mad,”. He even suggested that anyone approaching him with love advice should be prepared for the love to “kill” them.

Also recall that some few weeks back, Mayorkun had been involved in a situation in Calabar when his two expensive pieces of jewelry were stolen during a public appearance.

“Which one be say make I go marry, you dey md?

No be your fault I swear


Love kee vou there”

Expressing his frustration on social media, he initially declared his reluctance to visit Calabar again, cautioning fellow artists about potential theft. Fortunately, with the intervention of fellow artist Iyanya and the police, the stolen jewelry was recovered, showcasing the power of collaboration in the face of adversity.

Furthermore, in October 2023, Mayorkun boldly criticized Nigerian senators and politicians for prioritizing luxury SUVs over essential infrastructure. He called them out for their penchant for acquiring luxurious vehicles, blaming the poor condition of roads. Mayorkun urged politicians to Mayorkun to invest in road maintenance instead of continually upgrading their car fleets.

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