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“Look at who’s asking me out, can you take care of me?” – Lady laughs as she asks a wheel barrow pusher who tried to woo her



Lady makes fun of a ‘iron condemn’ wheel barrow pusher who tried to woo her while she was passing a street.

The lady shared a video of the man and revealed that the man had stopped her on the road and made his interest in her known.

According to her, the guy walked up to her snd told her that he likes her.

She made fun of his hustle and wondered whether he thinks that he can take care of her.

Mixed reactions has trailed the lady making fun of the wheel barrow pusher …

@ftkwitymusic wrote: “Plot twist: He’s a Prince in disguise who is in search of true love”

Dr_Pharouk remarked: “It’s not bad actually, you can either accept or not. Posting him on social media was not necessary”

@ukange_davidx said: “I’m very sure. This lady got nothing. The next thing can you take care of me. So it’s transactional”

@savage_mouth stated: “That guy dey make money pass her boyfriend… iron condemn na oil business o. their money na block”

@tobsmall opined: “Na lie. This one just dey chase clout. The guy no ask her out na she go tell am make dem act for social media clout”

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