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“I’m tired of crying” – Lady heartbroken as friend she introduced to her boyfriend gets engaged to him



Nigerian lady calls out her friend for secretly getting engaged to her boyfriend after she introduced them four months ago.

The lady identified on Twitter as @Onyibabyyyy took to the networking site to call out her friend known as Jennifer.

According to her, she had introduced Jennifer to her man in September only for her relationship to begin having problems ever since.

She recounted how her boyfriend was always nitpicking, finding faults behind the smallest of things, and she had no idea it has been her friend who’s been the cause.

@Onyibabyyyy said that she’s been crying ever since someone sent her engagement photos of her boyfriend with the friend, after they had secretly gone behind her back.

@Onyibabyyyy wrote …

“I introduced @jeniifa_ to my man last year September. Two nights ago someone sent me their engagement pictures. I’m tired of crying and questioning myself. What did I do to deserve this? What wrong did I do? Who did I offend? All I did was introduce my friend to my man.

I and this man started having issues in November. Anything I do irks, including my breath. The slightest affection i show annoys him. I spent the entire November & December trying to figure out if I was the problem. My mental health has been a total disaster.

All this while I had no idea Jenny was behind this calamity. The same person I trusted and confided in? The last time I complained about Mike to her, she said “ Don’t worry he’ll come around”. She was busy massaging my ego when she’s the architect of my problem.

I have vowed not to cry over this issue again, but let me make one thing clear. Jennifer Osaze, if I have never done anything wrong to you, your days of sorrows are near. Enjoy your Union.”

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