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“I’m married to an Igbo woman, I have to sell one of my organ to pay her bide price” – Skitmaker Lasisi says in “Of Course” challenge with wife (Video)



Popular comedian Lasisi Elenu in a latest development has jumped on a trending video with his beautiful wife.

This particular trends features people saying words that start with “of course I’m … “while stating a particular trait that represents what they are.

Lasisi and his wife took to this challenge excitedly leveraging their intertribal marriage as the topic of conversation.

Lasisi revealed that one major sign that he is married to an Igbo woman is that he has to pay an exorbitant amount of bride price to get married to her. In his words he says, “Of course I married an Igbo woman, I sold one of my organs to marry her”

His wife also hilariously joined in the challenge by also revealing that one of he major traits of getting married to a Yoruba man is their use of Iru in a almost everything they cook.

“Of course I’m married to a Yoruba man, I use iru to cook everything even eggs”

Lasisi went on to humorously shared that a major trait of getting married to an Igbo woman is the fact that he has to share his shaving stick with her alluding to the fact that Igbo women are hairy.

The duo also comically continued calling out each other’s tribes out as the video progressed.

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Recall that back in October of 2023, Lasisi Elenu had penned a beautiful and adorable message to his one year old daughter. He compiled beautiful vidoes and images of himself and daughter detailing how he bonds with her.

He also poured out his heart to his daughter while revealing how eager he was to experience her growth to adulthood.

Video below…..

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