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”Call me a woman wrapper I don’t care, I love my wife” – Nigerian lecturer says after revealing he cooks for his wife and wash her clothes



A Nigerian lecturer, Austine Imoniche Oviosun, causes a stir as he speaks on why he cooks and washes clothes for his wife.

The lecturer made the disclosure in response to a question which inquired whether men would be willing to allow their wives send them to the market to get food stuffs.

The lecturer who responded noted that he would be willing to also cook and wash her clothes whenever he gets the chance.

He emphasized that he loves his wife and marriage should be a union between two understanding persons.

mikebamiloye asked …

“Dear Bro, Can Your Wife send you to buy Fish, Okro and Vegetables when coming back from Office?”

Austine Imoniche Oviosun

“Not only buy.. i cook for her and wash her clothes when i can… marriage is a union of two understanding persons.

Call me woman wrapper I nor care. I ove my wife that is the most important thing.”

Check out reactions …

airnurse said: “I did the same thing last week.

My wife told me to branch the market and get few things, I didn’t argue.. I went to the market to get the things.. I automatically increased her monthly allowance cos wetin my eye see for market my mouth no fit talk”

swag_omoluabi stated: “Any man way they do cook normally and do stuffs himself b4 marriage , no suppose see all these things as big deal, If no b for work, i can do all the cooking for house”

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phatini__ commented: “it’s called division of Labour or shared responsibility and it yields growth.”

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