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Bride catches groom pant down with two bridesmaids on their wedding day (Video)



A bride sobbed herself into a stupor and called off her wedding after catching her husband-to-be pants down with two of her bridesmaids.

The bride spotted them making out in a car. After being apprehended, the husband fled the automobile, attempting to explain things to his bride, but the bride had no ears to hear him or anybody else.

Friends of the groom tried to calm her down, but their attempts were unsuccessful.

She canceled the wedding and returned home with tears in her eyes.

Read some reactions below…

@Cmea234: “this poor woman dude i can’t imagine her heartbreak”.

@TT4tt3: “That friend giving her water is really concerned for her 😓😥 it’s good that she had someone like that in such a moment.”.

@Dondeelo: “Dude literally has a red flag on his head 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭”.

@Fortune299: “Nahh this is no more self-control, this is an abomination. Poor girl hope she moved on better🙏🏽🙏🏽😢”.

@Fatalcharm: “This a blessing home girl dodged a bullet”.

@Screammage: “From a wedding to a funeral real quick. Perchance.”.

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