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BREAKING: Xavi Hernández has decided to LEAVE Barça at the end of the season



Barcelona Coach Xavi Hernández announce he will be leaving Barcelona following their today defeat.

He made the following Statement

“I will leave Barcelona in June”.

“We have reached a point of no return. It’s time for change. As a Culé, I think that it’s time to leave”.

“I spoke with the board and the club today. I will leave on the 30th of June”.

“Everything will be calmer now, we can compete for the Champions League… at least with this decision you [the press] won’t kill me anymore”.

“The club will improve with this decision”.

“You asked me many times that if I’d be the Sir Alex Ferguson of Barça… the truth is that it will NEVER happen here”.

“You guys won’t allow it being Barça coach is so difficult”.

“You see how they kill you, they criticize you, it affects you”.

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