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“Women nawa oh” – Two female motorist refuse move away for each other on the road



Female drama ensues as two ladies driving a car refuse to move away for each other on the roadside, as one gets enraged and leaves her car there to board a motorcycle to go home.

The drama had occurred between two car owners, one with a Venza, and the other with a Toyota Camry.

It was gathered that the one with a Venza was parked close to a corner, when the other with a Camry came rounding the bend and asked the one in Venza to move back so she can pass, but the one in Venza refused.

The scene became confrontational and the one in the Camry turned off the engine, got down and entered a keke home.

In the video shared online, the woman in Venza could be seen speaking to the onlookers who gathered to watch the female drama.

Check out some reactions that followed …

user9253096022768 said: “the woman wey go house na the original wahala , i love her type ”

Objpaul penned: “But that car no fit use back enter road now”

___Des Tiny reacted: “Asaba people matter sha ”

Alex_Pablo advised: “Nor gree for anybody this Period o”

Watch video below …

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