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“What will you do if your wife cheats on you after you give her your kidney” – Tacha queries Nigerian men



In a recent twitter post, Big Brother Naija star Tacha, also known as Natasha Akide, has posing a hypothetical question to Nigerians, particularly addressing the men in the country.

Tacha inquired about the situation where a man donates his kidney to his wife, and later she cheats on him, files for a divorce after two years, and wants nothing to do with him. She also expressed that the man cannot ask for his kidney back.

In her words, Tacha questioned, “Imagine you donate your kidney to your wife, she starts cheating on you, two years later she files for a divorce and wants nothing to do with you. What is your next move? P.S. She can’t give you back your kidney.”

This scenario ignited various responses, with one netizen named Softy Shan stating boldly that the wife must return the kidney.

She insisted, “who says she can’t give me my kidney back? She must give it to me, and she has just two choices to make, which is a medical doctor operating her to retrieve my kidney or I operate her myself. There are no two ways about it.”

Echoing similar sentiments, another respondent, Miss Plantain, concurred, stating firmly, “She will give me back my kidney.”

Contrastingly, ThePerfectGiftG took a different approach,, “You did it for love, and love conquers it all. It will be so heartbreaking, but all you can do is pick up your pieces and move on, never forgetting a sacrifice for love.”

Another netizen known as Demi proposed a solution that people could use to avoid such situation in the future, suggesting, “Lol, next time sign an agreement, you cheat or leave, you return my kidney, now borrow or I borrow you.”

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